Stone Work


The end of october has brought, for the chatolic christians from Baia Mare, a new symposium dedicated to the bishops of this cult, that were arrested in 1948 by the henchmen of the cumunist regime. The event took place in the “Saint Anton of Padova” church, on Victoriei street.
Here, at the official initiation of the fifth edition of the symposium “The arrest of the bishops - 1948”, the new altar was inaugurated and blessed. All this happened last friday from 5 pm., at the same time with the memorial liturgy, held by a towering synod of preists.

Saint Anton of Padova

For a part of the catholic christians from Baia Mare, the celebration of Jesus entering in Jerusalem coincided with a special event. Today, 17th of April, at the Chatolic Church "St. Anton of Padova" on street Victoria, has been uncovered a statuary group made of Carrara marble, which represents the saint protector of the church holding in his hands our saviour Jesus Christ. The statue was made by the well-known sculptor Mircea Rusu, which cooperated many years with the chatolic community that prays at the "St. Anton of Padova" church. At this unprecedented event participated the bishop of Lugoj, His Exelency Alexandru Mesian, the ex minister of agriculture Ioan Muresan, christians, as well.


Virgin Mary

The work of Mircea Rusu, the sculptor from Baia Mare, will arrive in two days to a congrecation of chatolic nunns from Pessano, Milan. The statue weights 700 kilograms and it was carved in white Carrara marble.The statue of Virgin Mary reprezents a gift for the nunns from Italy on behalf of the "Saint Anton" chatolic conmmunity from Baia Mare and the sculptor Mircea Rusu. A few months back, the chatolic community from Baia Mare asked the artist to make a piece of art that would reprezent Virgin Mary as big as life, that was going to be gifted to a congregation on nunns from Pessano, Italy. "I saluted the ideea of the community from Baia Mare and I decided to support this project.